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Serfas Police & Security Lights

Serfas Police & Security Lights
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"To Serve & Protect"—Serfas Police & Security Lights

- TSL-POLICE—California Compliant Red Solid/Blue Blink
- TSL-POLICE-2—Red Blink/Blue Blink
- Headlight Output (White) With Super-Bright Signaling Lights
- USB Port Allows Battery To Be Used As A Back-Up Power Supply
- Special TL-80 Included Has Appropriate Signaling Lights For Model
- Includes Wired Remote
- Includes Quick Release Handlebar, Tail Light & Helmet Mounts
- Modes: Multiple Headlight, Tail Light Safety & Signaling Mode
- Weight: 540 Grams w/Battery
- Runtime: Max Brightness Settings w/Head & Tail Light Runs 2.75 hrs
- Battery: PANASONIC 4-Cell Li-Ion, 6400mAh