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Bike Fitting Service

Come in and check out our newly remodeled fit center!

Everyone at one point or another has had some kind of discomfort while riding a bicycle. It doesn’t have to be that way. A proper bike fit can make a huge difference in a rider’s overall performance and enjoyment. 

Proper, however, is the key word. There are many people who claim to be fitting experts. However, most fitting systems simply measure your body and then adjust your bike to put you into position that is based on a predetermined standard. This ignores your unique goals and needs, especially those derived from the dynamics of your body as you ride.

Bike Barn offers a professional bicycle fitting service done by experienced, certified fit experts using Specialized's Body Geometry Fitting system - the best and most advanced methodology. 2D and 3D Fits are dynamic - meaning that assessments about fit are tailored to how your body moves during cycling - not just the length of some of your body parts. 

Each bike fitting is done by appointment and is tailored to the individual riders needs. We offer bike fittings for everyone from elite racers to everyday riders who want to get more power, comfort, endurance, and fun from their time on the bike.

Whether you’re a serious competitive cyclist or a casual rider going out for fun and fitness, our fitting service will significantly enhance your riding. 

Email or call us to set up an appointment at 602-956-3870.

Meet our BG Certified Bicycle Fitting Expert:

Mary Halfmann

Specialized Certified BG Fit Expert Mary Halfmann

30 years of competitive cycling experience.

Levels of Bike Fitting

Basic Fit - $70 (All new bikes sold at Bike Barn receive a basic fit free of charge)

  • Static saddle height
  • Static saddle fore/aft
  • Static stem length/reach

Comprehensive 2D Fit - $135

  • Dynamic saddle height
  • Dynamic saddle fore/aft
  • Dynamic handlebar assessment
  • Basic flexibility assessment
  • Cleat adjustment

Advanced 3D Fit - $175

  • Includes all 2D elements plus:
  • Advanced flexibility assessment
  • Advanced structural assessment
  • Footbed fitting
  • Hip/knee/foot alignment
  • Other adjustment as needed

Late/rescheduling policy

As a courtesy to our service professionals, if you are running late please notify us as soon as possible. 

Unfortunately due to the high number of appointments, we may have to reschedule your appointment. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please give us at least 30 minutes notice.