Arcadia Area Easy Ride - Phoenix Area Bike Ride

Arcadia Area Ride

Bike Barn Saturday Ride: Arcadia Area  

Approximate Distance: 15 miles

This is the route for our Saturday morning easy ride.  It’s designed to give the rider a nice easy tour of the neighborhood that Bike Barn calls home.  Along the way you’ll see million dollar homes and beautiful quiet streets.  When you are almost home you’ll see Le Grande l'Orange, a great local hangout on the corner of 40th St and Campbell.        


Scroll down the page for detailed directions written below the map.

To print the map, right click on the image and select "print image".

To print the map, right click on the image and select "print image".


Detailed Directions:

Start: Bike Barn

Turn left (north) on 36th street to Campbell

Turn right (east) on Campbell to 44th street

Turn left (north) on 44th street to Calle Redonda

Turn right (east) on Calle Redonda to Avienda del Puente

Turn left (north) on Avienda del Puente to Lafayette Blvd

Turn right (east) on Lafayette Blvd to Arcadia

Turn left (north) on Arcadia to Exeter

Turn right (east) on Exeter to 64th Street

Turn right (south) on 64th Street to Lafayette

Turn right (west) on Lafayette to 56th Street

Turn left (south) on 56th Street to Osborn

Turn right (west) on Osborn to 40th Street

Turn right (north) on 40th Street to Campbell

Turn left (west) on Campbell to 36th Street

Turn left (south) on 36th Street to Bike Barn

Finish: Bike Barn


*This set of directions is a suggestion only.  It does not take incidentals such as road construction into account.  Bike Barn is not responsible for accidents that may occur while following these directions, so ride at your own risk.  Make smart modifications to these directions in order to ride safely and have fun.